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Chicago: The Lasting Band

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Chicago is one of the first rock bands that incorporated the use of horns. The main focus of this band at the beginning is simply rock; nevertheless, it then changes it for a softer sound, thus becoming famous for its hit ballads. It is important to highlight the fact that they had a steady stream of hits during the 70’s and the 80’s.

Before being named Chicago, this group was called Chicago Transit Authority, which is the same title to their first album, including elements such as jazzy instruments, extended jams featuring Latin percussion, and feedback-laden guitar abstraction. Their road to fame starts with the release of their second album titled Chicago, which had various top-40 hits. After this success, the band recorded more than two LP discs every year. However, the ambition plan of producing a quadruple album with live performances, especially with music from their first three albums did not have the expected acceptance by the public.

During the 70’s, Chicago had good and bad moments because on one side they had successful hits, but ironically, not all of them could top the charts. For the decade of the 1980s and 1990s, the band keeps working on; although their low popularity and one member of the band had been fired. In spite of these two hard situations, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1992 is given to Chicago, as recognition for its career. Throughout years, Chicago is still active after three and a half decades of its foundation and entertains with its songs thousands of people around the world.

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