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Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Is This A Good Rock Band? The Answer is: Yeah!!!

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The Yeah Yeah Yeahs is a rock band from New York City. This band is composed by Karen O who is the lead singer, Brian Chase the drummer, Imaad Wasif guitarist and Nick Zinner who is also guitarist. The style of the music of the Yeahs is a mixture of several genres like heavy metal, synthetic sounds, rock punk and erratic and bluesy lyrics. The group was formed during the 2000 year, but in those times they started as a trio. However, in this year Wasif joined the band for touring purposes only but maybe he is going to be the new member of the band.

In 2001 the Yeahs launched their self titled EP debut which was very successful and the next year they released a second EP, named “Machine”. Then, by 2003 Yeah Yeah Yeahs launched their first studio album which was called “Fever To Tell”. That album was much critiqued but also sold more than 750,000 copies around the world.

By 2004 the guys of the band recorded and released their first DVD named “Tell Me What Rocker To Swallow”. This DVD includes a concert that was filmed in San Francisco. This year the Yeahs launched their second studio record entitled “Show Your Bones” that contains the single “Gold Lion” that reached the #18 position in the UK Singles Chart. Now, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are planning a tour for the spring of this year.

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