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Matthew West a Renowned Christian Writer

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Matthew West grew up in a community of Chicago, Illinois, where he found his skills in music at a premature age. The son of a church, he was raised in the border pew hearing his mom singing and following her guides. By his high school years, Matthew kept in music, but was more concerned in sports, hopeful to one day participate in baseball in college. He never did get identified from the big leagues, however as a replacement, he gained a scholarship to learn music at Millikin University in Illinois. It was throughout his first year of college, that Matthew began performing guitar and composing songs. Almost immediately, his new songs were heard by people, and Matthew played in concerts all over. By Matthew's last year, he was performing at every site possible, from Fraternity sites to ministers, and adolescence groups.

While West was still in college, he had trapped the interest of Word Music Publishing. This assisted in his growth, and he worked for a select song-compositing contract only a week past graduating and moving to Nashville. He began increasing his song-compositing skill by compositing songs for other artists. His songs have been performed by a choice of artists featuring Rachel Lampa's mainly current song, "Savior Song," that was Matthew's first hit-5 song as a composer.

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