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The Music of Van Morrison

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Born in Ireland, Van Morrison, has been a true music innovator producing over 20 studio albums. He started his artistic career being a jazz saxophonist with the R&B band the Monarchs. Although he formed the band Them, he was soon dissatisfied with the combination of aspects of the music world. For this reason, he came back to his studio in order to record singles. As a result, he released the song “Brown-Eyed Girl,” which was a Top 10 hit, and it was possible to make a collection of his best hits. Subsequently, his next albums revealed a stylistic evolution.

The best time of Morrison’s career is the 70’s since his records showed the prosperous and significant moment of his life by his marriage. In the 80’s, Morrrison’s music style was influenced by mysticism. Some of his best songs for this period include A Sense of Wonder—tribute to poet William Blake—and Poetic Champions Compose. In addition, the release of a greatest hits album in 1990 gave Morrison a career breakthrough, which indeed serves to prepare a double album acclaimed by his fans. It is important to mention the fact that Morrison teamed with, the famed Chieftains, one of his homeland’s musical institutions, to create a collection of traditional folk songs. In the years to follow, Morrison continued making a balance between the past and the future, to interchange between new studio albums and collections of life and weird material.

Surely, Morrison has produced the most spiritual and transcendent pieces of work in the rock and roll field. His rejection toward industry fashions and commercial trends indeed affected his career in the sense that his songs were not part of pop charts for decades. However, he also enjoyed a lot of popularity along the course of his successful and lengthened career.

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