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Rod Steward: Remarkable Songs

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Before starting a successful career as a musician, Rod Steward wanted to become a soccer player; nevertheless, he was disappointed because he did not get any offer to play professionally. Before this situation, Rod Steward decided to explore within the music industry his talent and abilities. Beyond just being a simple hobby or a business, the music of Rod has become a complete-blown cultural phenomenon.

Traveling around Europe, getting a lot of awards, and recording great albums are part of his achievements. His fame, as a vocalist, began when he belonged to the group The Faces, with which he released five albums. Thanks to his performance, the group obtained a remarkable success. His first album is called “An old raincoat will never let you down,” which receives good comments and critics on the behalf of the public and experts.

As solo singer, he launches his first hit “Maggie May,” which was No. 1 in the United Kingdom and the United States. With his new album, “Every picture tells a story,” he returned to the hits lists. After that, he moved to the United States to focus on his work as solo singer, but his songs were not as good as before, even though he later appears with a better album to recover the origin of his songs. Along the globe, he has sold more than 130 million albums, which in principle is a lot, shows that people really like his songs and that he was born to sing. For almost 2 years, Rod’s first album remained on the Billboard Top 200 chart. He has also won two Grammy Nominations and two multi-platinum sales successes.

His main skill is to capture amazing classic standards, thus making him feel comfortable in this genre of music. Besides this, Rod loves performing spontaneously onstage rather than confining in a recording studio for hours. Making music is his passion and his life, but most importantly, his romantic compositions remain in many people’s memory and heart as part of true love stories.

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