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Linkin Park

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Linkin Park is an American nu-metal and rapcore band from Los Angeles, California. It is presently signed to Warner Brothers Records. Linkin Park is one of the most famous and commercially successful bands of the nu-metal genre, for the most part due to their debut album in the year 2000, “Hybrid Theory”, which sold more than 19 million copies worldwide.

Linkin Park was born in a small studio of MC Mike Shinoda, where he together with Brad Delson recorded the first material of the band in 1996. Later Shinoda placed an ad and Chester Bennington joined the band. At that time, the group’s name was “Hybrid Theory” referring to the mix of rock and rap. However; due to copyright issues with a group called Hybrid, they were forced to change the name. Bennington suggested the name “Lincoln Park”, but as the band could not afford the domain “lincolnpark.com”, they changed the spelling to Linkin Park.

The members of the band are Chester Bennington (also known as Chazy Chaz) in the vocals; Mike Shinoda also in the vocals, MC, sampling, beats, guitar, and keyboard; Joe Hahn (also known as Mr. Hahn) mixing, sampling, and he has also directed many music videos for the band; Brad Delson (also known as Big Bad Brad) playing the guitar; the drummer Rob Bourdon; and the bassist Dave “Phoenix” Farrell.

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