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Jose Jose: The Idol of Idols

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Jose Jose, whose real name is José Romulo Sosa Ortiz, is best known as The Prince.  Jose Jose is an incredibly famed actor and singer who was born on February 17th, 1948 in Mexico.  His talent was inheritance of his parents since his father was a gospel singer and his mother sang opera.  Due to the fact that Jose Jose’s parents were not really successful in what they did, they tried to discourage their son claiming that it was too difficult to make a living out of singing.  Nevertheless, he refused to abandon his dream of becoming a famous artist and kept working hard to achieve his goal.

It is amazing how when he was in his teens, he already had his own career as a singer.  Although, at the beginning, he just wanted to be a singer, he soon got to appear in different TV shows and his fame began increasing in the 60’s.  One decade later, he had achieved fame to a point that he was then considered to be the most well-known ballladist in Latin America.  He even competed with worldwide known great artists such as Nino Bravo, Julio Iglesias, Jose Luis Rodriguez, Alberto Cortes, Danny Rivera and Camilo Sesto.  During those times, Jose Jose toured many times throughout Latin America in order to promote his #1 hits.  Actually, he has released over 30 albums, worked in two films and appeared in one soap opera so far.

His most successful singles include “Por Ella”, in which he sings in conjunction with Jose Feliciano.  Also, another very well-known Jose Jose’s song is “Cuarenta y Veinte.”  Even though he was having a stunning success, he found himself fighting against alcohol.  During the 90’s, his health began weakening because of alcoholism.  In fact, once, he fell down during a performance since he had been drinking before starting.  For that matter, he had to undergo a surgery, and due to this, he cannot sing as well as he did before.  However, he will always be the idol of the idols in Latin America no matter what.

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