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LaShun Pace Carrying Lord’s Messages by Music

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LaShun Pace, born in Atlanta, originally came to the interest of the Gospel business in the 70s as component of the Anointed Pace Sisters, a traveling sibling performance that gained local and then nationwide notice by winning an amount of most important Gospel contests and finished with their working for Savoy Records.  The band reached its peak with 1992's U Know, which was the TOP #1 and remains in the Gospel charts for more than a year. She started on her own singing career in 1991 with He Lives, a firm record that decorated her strong, gorgeous voice, and which became one of that year's hit Gospel records.  She continued it up over the subsequently numerous years with God is Faithful, Just Because God Said It, Wealthy Place and Shekinah Glory, and shows in the Steve Martin film Leap of Faith.  Nonetheless, during the overdue 90s and beginnings 00s Pace experienced a number of individual setbacks, as well as the death of her daughter, a separation and a series of corporal sickness that rigorously hindered her profession.

After a semi decade nonexistence consequential from sick health and personal misfortune, LaShun Pace has gladly distributed It's My Time, her first record on EMI Gospel Records and a pleasant re-beginning of this always preferred of Gospel audiences.  Pace uses the chance to form a record that obviously reflects her defies ended the last few years, fundamentally producing a thematic record around topics of triumph, faith, strength, ultimately and patience.

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