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Nickelback: Could I Get My Nickel Back Please?

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Nickelback is a post grunge rock group which was formed in Canada in 1995. The name of the group is derived of two words nickel and back. The band is exactly form Hanna, Alberta but they are now headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia. The band is composed by Chad Kroeger who is the lead singer and guitarist also; his brother Mike is the bassist and backing vocalist, Ryan Peake plays the guitar and is also backing vocalist and Daniel Adair who also is backing singer and plays the drums.

Nickelback started as a cover group in the town of Hanna but in 1996 they went to Vancouver where they produced their first records.  The first was entitled “Hesser” and the next “Curb” which became as their debut record. Years later by the 2002 Nickelback launched their third album named “The State” which has their hit song “How Do You Remind Me”. That disc was released in Canada because there is a Canadian law that says that new groups require a certain amount of homegrown records to be recognized as artists.

With the song “How Do You Remind Me” the group became famous because that song was the most played single during the year 2002. After that success Nickelback released their third disc in 2003 which was called “Silver Side Up” and that sold more than 9 million copies around the world. The vocalist Chad made a duet song with the singer of “Saliva” Josey Scott, that song entitled “Hero” is the soundtrack of the movie “Spider Man”.

In the same year the band launched their fifth record named “Long Road” and two years later the sixth one called “All the Right Reasons”. As other bands the most of the lyrics of Nickelback are linked with situations like the loss of romance, acquiring romance or changes among relationships and love.

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