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Hoobastank: It Doesn’t Really Mean Anything

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Hoobastank is a rock band which is best known for their hit singles “Crawling in the Dark” and “The Reason”. The band was formed in Los Angeles County suburb (Agoura Hills) in 1994. The group formed when Doug Robb who is the vocalist, met the guitarist Dan Estrin in a battle of bands contest and they decided to create their own rock group. After that these two guys decided to hire Markku Lappalainen the bassist and Chris Hesse to play the drums. At those times the band was named “Hoobustank”, but then was changed.

The members of the band said in an interview but the name “Hoobastank” does not really means anything but it is cool. When the guys were ready they started to play in their local area with another member named Jeremy Wasser who was a saxophonist and they recorded the disc “They Sure Don’t Make Baseball Shorts Like They Used To” which was released in 1998. For those times “Hoobastank” had a great reputation in the South of California and this attracted the attention of Island Records that then signed the band.

By the year 2001 the band released their self titled debut which reached high positions in the Billboards records. Then in the 2003 “Hoobastank” launched their second album named “The Reason” which has the single of the same name which reached the second place on the Billboard Hot 100, first place in the US and world modern rock charts, tenth place in Australia and 12th place in the UK. This year the band released their latest album entitled “Every Man for Himself”.

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