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Cypress Hill: More Than Just Rap

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This Latin-American hip hop group of Los Angeles was founded in 1988. By 2006, Cypress Hill has sold 17 million records worldwide. The members of this group are: DJ Muggs (Lawrence Muggerud), B-Real (Louis Freese), Sen Dog (Senen Reyes) and Bobo (Eric Correa). Part of the popularity of this group comes from the fact that they have a commitment to the legislation of Cannabis consume. The name of this band is a reference of where the original members lived, Cypress Avenue in South Gate, Los Angeles. In November, 1991, the first album of Cypress Hill was released; it was self-titled and sold around two million copies. In 1992, this group appeared on the side stage of Lollapalooza for the first time.

Cypress Hill usually introduces rock instruments in their songs, causing them to be labeled as a rap-metal group. They also use horns in some songs or horns and guitars in the instrumental parts. Some of these songs are: Tequila Sunrise, (Rock) Superstar and Trouble. The albums of Cypress Hill are: Cypress Hill, Black Sunday, Cypress Hill III: Temples of Boom, Unreleased and Revamped EP, IV, Los grandes éxitos en español (The Greatest Hits in Spanish), Skull & Bones, Live at the Fillmore, Stoned Raiders, Stash, Till Death Do Us Part and Greatest Hits From the Bong. The group made three songs for the soundtrack of Kingpin, a first person shooter game and recorded a song called Another Victim as a theme song for WWE wrestler Taz.

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