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Metallica is a heavy metal band from the United States. Formed in October 1981, the band has since then sold more than 57 million albums in the United States, and over 40 million albums in the rest of the world, summing up to approximately 100 million sales worldwide. Their most successful album was Metallica, released in 1991, and that together with other big successes in their career has made them one of the most commercially successful heavy metal bands in history.

It all started in 1981, when a Danish boy named Lars Ulrich came up with the idea of placing an ad in Recycler Magazine asking for a guitarist to form a band with influences of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement, similar to Diamond Head, Motorhead, or Iron Maiden. A young fellow named James Hetfield answered his ad, and they gathered to play eventually forming a group. The name of the band was “stolen” by Brian Slager, who fiddled with “Metalmania” and “Metallica” as possible names for his music magazine, although he was more likely to choose the second one. Lars liked the name “Metallica” so much that he quickly recommended the first one with a great deal of enthusiasm.

Currently, the members of the band are the vocalist and guitarist James Hetfield, the drummer Lars Ulrich, the guitarist Kirk Hammett, and the bassist Robert Trujillo.

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