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The Amazing Career of U2

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One of the most successful Irish bands worldwide to accomplish artistic and commercial benefits from the music industry, U2 has delighted tens of thousands of fans from young people to adults and elderly. The extraordinary work of this band has left a deep mark throughout time; specifically two decades have passed by since they launched their first record.

The most outstanding characteristic of this group is that they broke the traditional limitations of what a rock band was not allowed to do. By making use of honest lyrics with an original sound and a social message, U2 has attracted lots of fanatical people worldwide. Inducing rock & roll in a era of heavy metal and pop was not an easy task for U2; nevertheless, they proved to be talent enough to became best known for their sweeping sound and for their majestic statements about religion and politics. In the same way, their tunes were based on subjects related to death, faith, and love.

The members of U2 have been very brave and capable of keeping their popularity along the 90’s by renovating themselves with a postmodern, ironic dance-inflected pop/rock show. Through this renovation, the band affirmed its fame in rock history and its additional critical respect. During the 90’s, they promoted their albums with numerous tours, but in 1995, U2 emerged again with “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me,” a wonderful theme to Batman Forever. That same year, they recorded the Passengers, which did not have the expected success by fans and the public in general. Before this situation, U2 promised that their next album would be a rock & roll record. The production of their new album took longer than before to offer a high quality material to their fans. Thus, the group launched The Best of 1980-1990 in late 1998, and in fall 2000, they released All That You Can’t Leave Behind. U2 is an excellent example of real compromise, love to making music, talent and success to defeat the course of time and the obstacles to reach fame.

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