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Foo Fighters: Aerial Phenomenon

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The Foo Fighters (FF) is a rock band that was founded by Dave Grohl in 1995. A curious aspect of this group is their name. After the World War II the term foo fighter was linked to a strange aerial phenomenon. This group has become really famous after the release of some hit songs like: “Everlong”, “Learn To Fly”, “All My Life”, “Times Like These”, “Best of You” and others that have reach the first places in the top lists of several radio stations. FF also has composed some soundtracks for movies like “The One” and “The 1998 X Files” among others.

Foo Fighters is composed by Dave Grohl who is the vocalist and guitarist also, Chris Shiflett the backing vocalist and guitarist too, Nate Mendel the bassist and Taylor Hawkins in the drums and percussion. This band started as a solo project of Dave when he was a member of “Nirvana” but the fans of “Nirvana” fans know it. He had written some songs that he held for his band.

Some time later Dave left “Nirvana” and decided to create his own band which he baptized “Foo Fighters” and when the group was formed in 1995 they released their first record self titled. In 1996 the guys meet the producer Gil Norton and the next year they launched the second record entitled “The Colour and the Shape”. Two years later the Foo Fighters released their third disc named “There is Nothing to Left to Lose”.

By 2001 Dave helped the band Queens of the Stone Age to complete their 2002 album and inspired for this fact he decided to record another disc which was released in the 2002 under the name “One by One”. Finally the last year the Foo Fighters launched their 4th album which is entitled “In Your Honor”.

Foo Fighters are from Seattle, Washington and have been active since the year 1995. Their music style is rock and alternative and they have worked with two recording companies which are: RCA and Capitol records.

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