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Joseph W. Pace A Multifaceted and Skilled Man

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Joe Pace is a multifaceted and skilled man, with an extensive variety of skills and approaching in the territory of gospel music organization.  His smooth method, creation, religious insight, and song composition abilities have recognized him as one of the gospel music businesses’s most self-motivated and convincing skills. A designed priest, Joe also has many others abilities. As well as the Director and CEO of the prices-winning Colorado Mass Choir, he is in addition the owner and president of Pace Productions, Inc., a gospel music creation, organization and publishing corporation.  Minister Pace’s ability has prepared room for him to guide a massive amount of diverse audiences all the way through the United States and out of the nation.  Nevertheless, his first contemplation is to organization at the regional level. He has worked in the faculty of Minister of Music and Music Pastor for both large and small ministries similar all the way through the United States.  Joe is also a common columnist for several excellent Christian music magazines.

A productive song-compositor, Joseph W. Pace has write many hit ten songs featuring the well-liked worship song of praise “We Worship You", “Watch God Move,” including Fred Hammond, "Let There Be Praise ", and the radio hit, "Glad about It", including LaShun Pace. He is at this time working as a song-compositor, creator, and artist for Integrity Gospel, with whom he has produced a line of worship and praise music resources for the minister.

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