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Evanescence: A Unique and Original Style

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Evanescence is one of today’s most successful bands in the entire world. Although they always thought they were good enough, they did not expect that their success would reach these levels. The story of Evanesce began in Amy Lee (vocalist) and Ben Moody’s parent’s houses. There, they started writing and recording and hired musicians to perform occasionally. Their first tour was amazing; they started playing to 10 people, and by the end of the summer, they were performing in front of 50,000 in Germany. The success was even greater once “Bring Me To Life” and “My Immortal” were included in the Daredevil soundtrack.

Evanescence has a very original musical style that combines classical, orchestral and romantic sounds, the choir, the strings, the piano and the background vocals with the drums and guitars of rock. The current members of the band are Amy Lee (vocalist, pianist and cofounder) John LeCompt (guitarist), Will Boyd (Bassist), Terry Balsamo (guitarist) and Rocky Gray (drummer). Evanescence has been influenced by the music of artists such as Danny Elfman, Tori Amos and Björk. Their lyrics explore deeply into human feelings of despair, love and desperation but from a positive point of view.

One of its most important hits was "Fallen", that besides being released in both secular and Christian markets, reached the Top Ten in United States, Top Contemporary Christian Albums, Top Five in Canada and won double-platinum for sales. Evanescence has already released five albums: Evanescence EP (1998), Whisper EP/Sound Asleep EP (1999), Origin (2000), Fallen (2003), and Anywhere But Home, Live (2004). It is not likely that Evanescence will dissipate or disappear as vapor, as its name suggest. Instead, they are in the very right track of success.

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