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Shania Twain: Living for Singing

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At an early age, Shania Twain spent most of her time writing, singing and playing guitar. Without any doubt, her musical development would bring her a lot of recognition and satisfaction due to her talent to emerge as the most popular country singer. However, the death of her parents was not only a difficult situation to overcome but also a real challenge to take care of her four younger brothers. To support her family, she worked singing at a resort in Deerhurst. In this place, she performed show tunes and some of country music.

From the beginning of her career, her songs caught the attention of the public in the United States with her debut album in 1993. The desire of producing country music made possible that Robert John Lange met Shania Twain, both would form an excellent teamwork and a married couple. They started working on her second record, The Woman in Me, which sold over six million copies and broke the record for being top on the country charts. With a stream of success, Shania continued working hard to release her next album, Come On Over, which she spent around two years touring in many different countries in support of. The sales of this album were up to 36 million copies.

After taking a temporal break with her husband to welcome their first child, Shania was planning her fourth album, Up, which debuted at No.1, selling 874,000 in the first week, but today, it has sold 11 million units in the United States and 18 million worldwide. Besides, she also released the album Greatest Hits in 2004. Some of the most recent achievements have been the release of the single “Shoes” from the Desperate Housewives soundtrack, the creation of her fragrance Shania by Stetson, and her appearance on an episode of the reality show The Apprentice. Shania Twian has established various sales records for country artists. Indeed, she is the only female artist who has three albums certified Diamond by the RIAA and the winner of five Grammy awards.

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