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Bobby "Blue" Bland: Talent Hardly Recognized

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Om January 27, 1930, Robert Calvin Bland was born in Rosemark, Tennessee. Years later, this baby was to be known as Bobby “Blue” Bland. His music career started from singing with local gospel groups. Later on, Bobby Bland began frequenting the city’s famous Beale Street, where he met the Beale Streeters and began playing with them. By the 1950’s, Bobby recorded his first singles with the group, but still it was easy to tell his desire for individuality.

By the 1960’s, Bobby Bland enjoyed several of his singles entering the R&B charts continuously. Nevertheless, his work was somehow eclipsed by a wave of new performers. In 1968, financial problems ended up in a break up of his group. With this, he started a period of depression and alcoholism that accompanied him until 1971, when he finally stopped drinking.

It was also in 1971 when his record company, Duke, was sold to ABC Records group. With this negotiation, ABC decided to dedicate some of its albums to the contemporary blues and soul artists. In this way, Bland was once again in stage. In 1985, Malaco Records, a traditional Southern Black Record Label signed with Bobby, and in here, he found a sympathetic environment which made him feel quite comfortable. Recognized nowadays as one of the finest post-war blues singers, Bobby Bland failed to reach the popular acclaim his craft deserved.

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