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Deep Purple

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Deep Purple is a British hard rock band, considered by many one of the fathers of heavy metal together with Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, among others. Deep Purple was formed in the year 1968 with the name “Roundabout”, a project imagined by the singer Chris Curtis a couple of years before, keeping the keyboardist post for his floor mate Jon Lord and the guitarist post for an old friend of his, Ritchie Blackmore, who in that time was living in Germany. A short time thereafter, the bassist Nick Simper joined the group. Simper had worked before with other bands together with Ritchie Blackmore, but Curtis’s ideas didn’t fit well with them, and the band’s managers decided to dismiss him and continue with the rest of the band, finding new posts for the drums and the vocals. A few months thereafter, and after singing a contract with Tetragammatron in the United States, Canada, and Japan, and with EMI for the rest of the world, the band changed its name to Deep Purple, in honor to Ritchie Blackmore’s grandmother’s favorite song.

The current members of the band are Ian Gillan, who is the vocalist, Steve Morse in the guitars, Roger Glover playing the bass, Don Airey the keyboardist, and Ian Paice in the Battery.

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