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Jars of Clay a 4-member Band with Strong Christian Values

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“Jars of Clay” is a 4-member Christian group established at Greenville College in Greenville, Illinois. The group has been admired for the exceptional combination of rock, folk, pop, and soft electronic, in addition to the elegant approach of corresponding their values throughout their music. The religious connotations, programmed drum loops, and acoustic guitars of their first work have guided people to call them a Christian Rock group, regardless of the group's need of a bassist and drummer. It is composed of Matthew Odmark, Stephen Mason, Charlie Lowell and Dan Haseltine. The group has no full-time bass or drummer player; however these roles are at this time occupied by Aaron Sands and Joe Porter in their live presentations.

“Jars of Clay” worked with Essential Records and began recording their initial complete record. Previous rocker from King Crimson and current Christian converted, Adrian Belew, recognized the group and proposed to create the record. This introduction record was out in 1995 and one of the songs, "Flood", was first rate in Christian radio stations. The group has constantly been open in relation to their Christian viewpoints. Although this has not secured them the repercussion from some Christian bands, they have been firm.

The “Jars of Clay” are thought as exemplar by numerous Christians for their ethics that does not match with the "rock star" label. Their music requires high-minded tones and commitment on the Biblical subject of redemption. This has amplified the demand of the group further than customary Christian niches.

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