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Phil Collins and His Artistic Life

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Phil Collins, one of the most outstanding pop and contemporary singers of the 80’s, has been recognized by his particular style, timing, and sense of rhythm to playing the drums. His career started when he formed a band called ‘The Real Thing’ to play his first performance.

It was with the group, The Freehold, that Collins made his first recording debut. However, Collins and his guitarist friend Ronnie Caryl released an album Ark II, which was premiered at the London Planetarium. In spite of the good comments and critics on mass media, the album did not get a lot of success, so that they had to join Genesis, a young band from Surrey, although this band had not received accomplishments at all. But, after having an audition, Collins was the new drummer of the band. Indeed, Collins’ sense of humor and enthusiasm injected a new dose of energy to this group. 

In general, Collins contributed to make Genesis a leading music group in the progressive rock field. Thus, he not only sang, played drums, wrote and arranged songs but also had some time to record various albums with jazz-fusion rockers Brand X. After a while, he started a solo career, where his first solo single, “In the Air Tonight,” was a number two hit in his United Kingdom. Then, he released We Can’t Dance and Both Sides. He decided to leave Genesis definitely. By 1996, he recorded Dance Into the Light, with which he had a lot of success because of his supporting tours. Two years later, Collins had his first big-band record. 

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