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Disturbed: Is Like Angry or Mentally Sick or…

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Disturbed was formed in Chicago, IL in 1996 when the musicians Dan Donegan, Steve “Fuzz” Kmak and Mike Wengren joined the singer David Draiman. The band is considered as a metal rock band, however their fans says that Disturbed is a hard rock group. At the beginning the band was composed only by the musicians but they needed a singer; they put an advertisement in a local paper and Draiman went to the audition and won the right to be the member of the new band. They were now complete.

They started recording two demos that then were sent to several record companies and after it in the year 2000 their first single “Stupify” was sounding on the radio stations of the US. Immediately after that the Disturbed guys released their first album named “The Sickness”. In the same year they composed the song used for the presentation of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in the WWE which is called “Glass Shatters”. In 2001 they participated in Ozzfest and after it Disturbed started their first tour.

The album “The Sickness” released the guys from Disturbed to the stardom and in the 2002 they launched their second record entitled “Believe” and the next year they were invited to participate in Ozzfest again. By 2004 Disturbed launched their first live album called “Music As Weapon II” and the next year their third studio disc named “The Thousand Fists”.

Some members of the band have been involved in controversy due to some commentaries against some lawsuits and also against the government. However, no matter what they say if you really enjoy their music.

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