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Grupo Niche: More than Salsa and Success

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Grupo Niche is a very successful Colombian Salsa band that relies on a really extended, successful and well-known career in their field.  They are considered to be the best ones in their category.  Grupo Niche was formed by Jairo Varela in 1980, who is a producer, arranger, director and songwriter.  Niche’s first album is called Querer Es Poder and was released in 1981.  Afterwards, Grupo Niche released another album named No Hay Quinto Malo, three years later.  Nevertheless, their most successful recording corresponds to the coming album: Se Pasó!, which was produced a year later under the label of New York Latin Records.

Two years later, Tito Gomez, a vocalist, started being part of the band.  Likewise, some time after, the pianist Israel Tarenbaum was incorporated too.  That same year, Grupo Niche con Cuerdas album was released.  In 1987, a two-disc album called Historia Musical, which includes Grupo Niche’s best box office hits, was published.   By this time, the band changed its name from “Grupo Niche” to “Grupo Internacional Los Niches.”  In he early 90’s, Grupo Niche turned to deal with romantic lyrics and released important albums: Topando el Hueco, Cielo de Tambores, Llegando Al 100%, 12 Años, Un Alto en el Camino and Etnia.

During the middle and late 90’s, Grupo Niche had to face some difficulties due to the constant change of personnel.  By this time, they were not working with Varela’s songs anymore and looked for other options to broaden their horizons.  This is reflected in the album released in 2000 called Propuesta, which is characterized by encompassing Cuban songs.  However, they continued succeeding and, at that time, they already had 5 platinum and the gold prize at the Barranquilla Carnival.  Therefore, Grupo Niche’s fans hope that their success lasts for even much more time!

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