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The Success of Dido

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Today, Dido is a British well-known artist in many countries around the world, but her sudden success was a real surprise for many people who would have never thought about it. This London girl conquered the world with her songs of love and life and with her voice simply beautiful and artlessly.

For the release of her debut album No Angel, there were no impositions or pressures on her. Perhaps, this aspect contributes to the achievement of huge success since the beginning. What is a fact is that she was capable of captivating the public attention, which is clearly demonstrated with more than 12 million copies sold. 

The songs of Dido reflect the way she feels, how she would like to live in the future, the things that she should not do, and the risks to take in order to overcome fears. For her, the main advantage of producing her first album was the freedom experienced to work. However, due to this big achievement leads, new pressures makes her work harder to release a better quality CD. To Dido’s life, success has been part of her career without having much fame. In fact, she wants to enjoy what she does because her main goal is improve to become the best singer or songwriter. That is why she does not care too much about popularity and accomplishments, by which many artists become obsessed to reach lots of public attention. 

Her albums have been recognized in several award celebrations. For example, she won the Best British Album for No Angel and the Best British Female Artist and Best British Single for White Flag in 2004. Besides, the track ‘Thank you’ was used in the 1998 movie Sliding Doors. The single "Here With Me" was also used as the theme music for the television program Roswell as well as the soundtrack for the movie Love Actually. In 2001, No Angel was the top selling album in the United Kingdom, while the second one, Life for Rent, was the fastest selling album in the United Kingdom music history, and she would start her third album in 2005.

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