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Byron Cage an Outstanding Singer for Lord

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Byron Cage develops in a small city in Michigan, where his outstanding musical ability emerged to those near him very early. His mother perceived that Byron, who infrequently cried, favorite to drone some strange melodies to himself as a baby, to entertain himself. So, it is not astonishing to discover that his first unaccompanied song in church took place when he was merely four years old. In addition to singing, Cage used the sax all the way through his adolescent years. At the epoch of 13, Byron and his family traveled to Detroit, where he began as a part of Greater Grace Temple which was a fine site to not just religiously cultivate in the Lord, but too proved to be a cultivation setting for increasing melodious gifts of their members. Moreover Byron Cage, Fred Hammond and numerous other juvenile men who later provoked forming the Gospel band, “COMMISSIONED”, all concentrated and were concerned in the music organization at Greater Grace Temple. Byron Cage began as a vocal lead singer and the church's adolescence choir leader.

The occasions persistent and in the 80's, Byron Cage met a guide and an exceptionally fine friend, in the Gospel excellent, Thomas Whitfield. Byron traveled and presented with Whitfield, promoting for his music organization. Byron left this travels and playing experience, when he got a full music study to Morehouse College in Atlanta. This chance to be knowledgeable with the theory, procedure and techniques of music making, plus fortifying his significant musical skills. 

In 1998, Byron went to Fort Washington, to be the Senior Minister of Church Music and at Worship the Ebenezer African Methodist Episcopal Church.  The Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship performed 2 records, on the GOSPO Centric brand. Byron, supported by Vicki Lataillade of GOSPO Centric, develops a song of his own and played another song on each record that became hits.

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