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Buckcherry: Formed, Dissolved and Reformed

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“I did not do this for money; I do it to fill the hole inside of myself”, these are the words of Josh Todd lead singer of the band Buckcherry. This is a rock and roll group from Los Angeles, CA. The group was formed in 1995. During the next seven years they launched two discs and the band got dissolved. By the year 2005 the band reformed again and released a new record. Buckcherry was formed when Josh met Keith Nelson a young guitarist; they both liked the AC/DC music and they decided to form their own band.

The new duo composed several demos and then decided to search for a bassist and a drummer. This way they meet Jonathan Brightman (bassist) and Devon Glenn (drummer). Some time later they called a second guitarist named Yogi. After this the Buckcherry band was already formed and they signed a contract with the recording company Dream Works Records.

After this in 1999 Buckcherry launched their first record self titled. It was produced by Terry Date who has produced albums for other groups like Soundgarden, Mother Love and Pantera among others. Three years later the band released their second album entitled “Time Bomb” which was considered a disappointment due to the low quality if is compared with their first record.

Due to this incident the band was dissolved but in the year 2005 they reformed again and launched their third disc named “Fifteen” which was released in Japan. Today the Buckcherry group is still together and for this April they are planning to make the American release of “Fifteen”.

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