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Def Leppard

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Def Leppard is a British band from Sheffield, England, that formed in the late 70’s and reached the peak of its success in the 80's, drawing the heavy metal near to the radio stations and the big public in general thanks to their mix of melodic rock with a great vocal performance.

Def Leppard was one of the musical groups pertaining to the so-called “New Wave of British Heavy Metal" during the middle 70’s, contemporary of Iron Maiden, Saxon, and Judas Priest. They attain success with their album “Pyromania” in 1983, but unfortunately, their drummer Rick Allen loses an arm in a car accident in 1985, leaving the band out of the musical stage until 1987. In that year, Def Leppard releases the album “Hysteria” which sold over 17 million copies all around the world.

Currently, the band is composed of 5 members. Joseph Thomas Elliott, the main vocalist; Richard Savage in the bass; Philip Keneth Collen, which is Def Leppard’s guitarist since 1982 when he takes the place of Pete Willis; Vivian Campbell, also in the guitars, she takes the place of Steven Clark in 1992 (who died a year before); and Richard John Cyril Allen playing the drums.

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