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Bryan Adams and His Career

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Bryan Adams, a Canadian icon of rock ‘n’ roll, has performed a solo career for over 20 years. His self-titled debut album Bryan Adams launched him to the artistic world. The fact that he had been recording demos, touring and working hard as a musician helped him to make his second album, You Want It, You Got It, which became his first official release in the United States.

As a result of his extensive tours in Canada and the United States, Adams’ third album, Cuts Like a Knife, with the single “Straight from the Heart” reached Top Ten. For this singer, success was just beginning because his fourth album, Reckless, was also No 1 in the United States and had sold five million copies in America and an estimated three million more in the rest of the world. In the same way, Adams obtained his first two nominations as Best Male Rock Performance for the album and the Best Rock Performance by a Group for “It’s Only Love".

Another album reaching the Top Ten in the United States with a million copies sold was Into the Fire. For this album, Adams extended his tours for more than a year, and one of his final shows was filmed for a television channel to be broadcasted in Canada. The return of Bryan Adams to Europe was more than a coincidence because for that time, the single (Everything I Do) I Do It for You, was topped in the United States charts for seven weeks.

Indeed, it is the longest a song has remained at No 1 for eight years. But, it was not all because that song was breaking records in the history music of the British charts, wherein it had 16 weeks at No.1. It is amazing how an appearance for MTV’s popular unplugged series ended up in Adams’ album. For the spring of 2002, Adams as well as Hans Zimmer earned a Golden Globe Nomination for collaborating to make the soundtrack for the film: Stallion of the Cimarron. Recently, Adams’ work was entitled Room Service in September 2004, and it was No 1 on the Billboard European Top 100 albums Chart.

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