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HIM is a Finnish metal music band, which after various changes of its members, is currently formed by the vocalist Ville Valo, the guitarist Linde Lazer (also known as Lily), the bassist player Migé Amour, the drummer Gas Lipstick, and the keyboardist Emerson Burton.

Their fame began in Europe with the single “Join Me in Death”, used in the OST of the movie 13th Floor and, more recently, in Resident Evil: Apocalypse. The song was number one in the German lists in the year 2000. HIM is a renowned band for a symbol created by themselves called the “heartagram”. This symbol represents the contrast between life and death, or love and death. Because of this together with the lyrics of their songs, HIM is a gothic rock band, even though they prefer to classify themselves with what they have come to name “love metal”, which is also the title of their album released in 2003. However, their style includes other influences of diverse musical genres, from Chris Isaak to Iggy Pop, Led Zeppelin, and a vocal influence from Elvis Presley.

The name HIM comes from the former name of the band, “His Infernal Majesty”, of which only the first letters of each word remained. Currently, the band does not propose a meaning to the name HIM, and claims His Infernal Majesty was totally a different group.

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