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Avalon a Modern Christian Music Band

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Modern Christian Music Band, recognized for their choral singing and a bit electronic sound. Present members consist of Jody McBrayer, Greg Long and wife Janna Long, and Melissa Greene. Preceding members consist of Cherie Adams, Nikki Hassman and Michael Passons.

Avalon was composed by Grant Cunningham, previous A&R agent for Sparrow Records. Cunningham was looking for a lead singer group that might croon firm harmonies and take God's message to the planet. Cunningham exposed his objective and displayed tapes inundated him, but nothing satisfied what he was shopping for. Cunningham visited a coffee shop to pay attention to a possible vocalist one day. Nevertheless, one more artist, Michael Passons, in fact got his interest. Cunningham got in touch with Passons in relation to his plan for Avalon. Passons preyed on the subject of God's will and then determined this was where God wanted him.

Afterward, Truth singer Janna Long listened to the intentions for Avalon. Long subsequently contacted Cunningham and prepared an audition. Cunningham liked what he heard and recognized Long must be an element of Avalon. At the present in Avalon's history, two brief members, Tabitha Fair and Rikk Kittlemann united to Avalon. They traveled around with Avalon on their first trip, The Young Messiah Tour, but both members left before the recording of the first Compilation.

Some of its projects are: 'Testify to Love: The Very Best of Avalon, 'This is Who I Am, 'The Creed and Stand.

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