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The Success of Bee Gees

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Talent and youth are two main characteristics of twins Robin and Maurice Gibb and Barry, who have dedicated their lives to produce, compose, and sing thousands of songs for the public since they were nine years old. At the beginning, the three brothers together with two friends were known under different names such as “The Blue Cats,” “The Rattlesnakes,” “Barry and The Twins” and “The BG’s.” Once they signed their record deal in 1963, they had about three albums and thirteen singles in the three years. In 1966, their big hit was “Spicks and Specks”.

By 1967, the Bee Gees went to the UK to see if they had good luck there with their music. Fortunately, they could sign with Robert Stigwood and incorporated two members: Vince Melouney and Colin Petersen. At this point, they had some big hits and four more albums. Although three members decided to leave the band in order to pursue a solo career, then, the only members of the group that continue singing were the three brothers. Since the record company did not release their last albums, the band moved to the United States.

The powerful success of Bee Gees would come with the development of new musical forms and albums Main Course, Mr Natural as well as Children of the World, from which the song “You Should Be Dancing” was the first of the top ten on the charts and was also the best selling soundtrack. Even though they stopped recording albums in 1987; as songwriters and producers, they could top the charts one more time. The members of this band decided to take a break after the release of the album This Is Where I Came In, so that each could dedicate some time to their personal projects.

Unfortunately, the end of the band was inevitable due to the death of Maurice Gibb, thus the Bee Gees did not exist anymore, although the other two brothers continue singing. During forty years, the Bee Gees was a famous band for having written dozens of hits for themselves and other artists and for having sold more than 175 million records around the world. In addition, the most impressing feature of Bee Gees is that they had more than 200 hits topped in every decade from the 60’s to 90’s.


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