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Dream Theater

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Dream Theater is a rather famous progressive metal band from the United States formed in the 80’s by three students of the Berklee College of Music with the name “Majesty”. The band acquired an original style thanks to a quite successful combination between progressive rock, heavy metal, and melodic metal, which was accompanied by the talent and skill of each one of the members of the band with their respective instruments. All this gave birth to Dream Theater, a band considered by many as the most spectacular progressive metal band.

Dream Theater has a unique style of the highest musical standards, the technical skill of each instrumentalist is amazing, and the range of genres you can expect in their sound is vast. The band is so renowned and has been on so many different acts that has had touring partners of the scale of Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Queensrÿche, Megadeath, and Symphony X, among others.

Dream Theater is composed of 5 devoted musicians: James LaBrie in the vocals, John Myung playing the bass, John Petruccin in the guitars, Mike Portnoy in the drums, and Jordan Rudess, who plays the keyboards. Octavarium, their latest album—released on June, 2005—, is the eighth studio album for the band, and it is more vibrant and powerful than ever, encompassing numberless varieties of epic, complex, and heavy rock.

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