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Audioslave: Fusion of Bands

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Audioslave is an alternative rock band which is formed by the fusion of the integrants of two different bands. The integrants of this great group are: Chris Cornell, who originally was the vocalist of Soundgarden and is also the vocalist of Audioslave, Tom Morello who plays the guitar, Brad Wilk in the drums and Tim Commerford with the bass guitar. The guys who play the instruments was originally of the recognized group Rage Against the Machine. The most spectacular aspects of this band are the incredible voice of Cornell and the way Morello plays the guitar.

The band is also proud to say that those are the only instruments that they use to make their fabulous music. The history of the creation of Audioslave begins when the vocalist of Rage Against the Machine left the group. The rest of the integrants were looking for a new singer and this is how Cornell joined the new band baptized Audioslave. However, not everything was going well because the band suffered a temporary dissolution due to Cornell wanted to write his own lyrics.

After conversations they agree in this aspect and Chris wrote 21 songs in 19 days. By the 2002 the band launched their first record entitled “Audioslave” which main single is named “Cochise” in honor to the last American Indian Chief who died free and unconquered. The disc was a little polemic but then won double platinum discs. By 2005 they launched the next album called “Out of Exile” and in this year the new disc is planned to be launched. The tentative title for this is “Revelations”.

Today Audioslave is passing very good times especially because very soon they will launch the new album. This group also forms part of a no profit organization called Axis of Justice which was founded by Morello and Serj Tankian (vocalist of System of a Down) which has the goal of fighting for social justice.

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