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Carlos Vives: With Colombia in his Heart

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These days, Carlos Vives is one of the greatest Colombian singers and composers.  He was born in 1961 in Santa Marta, Magdalena Department, place where he spent his first twelve years of life.  Around this time, his family moved to Bogota searching for opportunities to have a better life.  There, he got interested in rock, and due to this, he began playing in some local cafés and bars.  In addition, he pursued an acting career that allowed him to act in a Colombian soap-opera called Gallito Ramirez.  In 1989, he worked as an actor in Puerto Rico and, there, he got married for the second time.  In 1991, when he returned to Colombia, he was offered a TV role that changed his life in a radical way.  At this moment, he devoted himself to feature his career with Vallenato in conjunction with pop, rock and other Caribbean rhythms.

Carlos Vives’ career is considered to be a very successful one.  His discography, in general, is divided into two main steps.  The first one of them corresponds to the Ballad period.  During this time, he made three albums that are called Por Fuera y Por Dentro (1986) No Podrás Escapar de Mí (1987) and Al Centro de la Ciudad.  However, this facet of his life was not as successful as what was coming.  When he switched to Vallenato, he got to a point that he never imagined with Clasicos de la Provincia.  Carlos Vives’ Clasicos de la Provincia constitutes a traditional album representing all the Colombian typical music and providing the rest of America with innovative rhythm fusions.  Among the albums that are categorized to be of Vallenato as well as ethnic fusion, we can find the Escalona and Escalona, Vol. II (which corresponds to a very famous soap opera in Colombia), Clasicos de la Provincia, La Tierra del Olvido, Tengo Fe, El Amor de Mi Tierra, Déjame Entrar and El Rock de Mi Pueblo.  His last album was made in 2004; nevertheless, all his thousands of fans are waiting for a new album, same as always.

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