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Aaron Shust Committed to the Lord Mission by His Music

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An all-time church singer, Aaron Shust lived in Pittsburgh, where he began playing piano at seven. As an adolescent, Aaron educated to play the guitar, inclined by the sounds of the Motown and 60s. Expressing his feelings about leaving home, song-composer to be converted into a severe expertise as Aaron arranged for university.
Attending Toccoa Falls University, Aaron studied Music Conjecture, expanding ability for the likes of Mozart and Bach, and immersed in the sounds of additional fresh masters such as U2 and Bob Marley. Aaron sharpened his period talents on trip while also performing arts in churches and coffeehouses.

For the last 5 years Aaron has served as a permanent personnel member and adoration chief at Perimeter Church, progressive, 27 year old worshippers in Atlanta. Away from that church, Aaron manages adoration all the way through the United States at new-fangled churches, fully developed retreats and adolescence camps, introducing his song-composer fingers determinedly on the pulse of the church’s dedication.

Something Worth Saying spreads out with well-skilled pop fastener wrapped in unforgettable, vertically-guided songs. From start to finish, cruel sincerity best describes the plan’s tone. The record’s center is the nineteen-second breach track “Give Me Words,” an introduction stalking from a year no-ideas season when Shust did not write much. Ultimately, glimpses of anonymity trapped Aaron’s soul, mind and heart again, flashing the inspirational music and words that now form this compilation.

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