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Tupac: Never Gone

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Tupac Amaru Shakur is the best-selling rap/hip-hop artist ever; he appears in the Guinness Book of World Records because he sold 67 million albums around the world (37 million copies were sold just in the United States). Most of the albums that Tupac (2 Pac) sold were the ones that surfaced after his death on September 13, 1996.

Tupac (2 Pac) has had 17 songs among the top 10 singles in the United States. The majority of his songs deal with subjects such as: the difficulty of having to grow up around violence in the ghettos of the United States, racism, poverty and discussions with other rappers. The messages of Tupac (2 Pac) promotes racial, economic and political parity; he used metaphors in his songs, along with an impressive lyrical structure.

Tupac (2 Pac) was born on June 16, 1971 in Manhattan, New York. He was named after an Inca called Tupac Amaru II, a man that was sentenced to death by the Spaniards. At the beginning of 1991, Tupac (2 Pac) debuted as a rap artist on an EP release single called Same Song from the group Digital Underground. Later on that year, Tupac (2 Pac) released 2Pacalypse Now, his first solo album.

Despite his rise to fame, some complications came along, some of them with the law. His public image was damaged and he began to have a criminal record. Some of his songs are: Brenda’s Got a Baby, Keep Ya Head Up, Papa’z Song, Dear Mama, California Love, and 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted. On September 7, 1996, after a Mike Tyson fight, Tupac (2 Pac) was shot 5 times. He survived until his death on Friday September 13, 1996, a day that will never be forgotten in history. There are many theories about his death but the truth of the matter is that whether he is dead or alive, Tupac (2 Pac) never really left.

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