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Atreyu is a metal band that mixes the hardcore sounds and attitude with heavy metal. From Orange County, California, this metalcore band has made their music famous not only in the United States, but also in several other countries around the world. Victory Records is Atreyu’s record label, an independent label based in Chicago. Under Victory Records, the band has released 3 albums.

Currently, the band members are composed of Alex Varkatzas in the vocals, Dan Jacobs and Travis Miguel in the guitars, Marc McKnight with the bass and vocals, and Brandon Saller in the drums and vocals. Former members of Atreyu include Christopher G. Thompson who played the bass before McKnight, and Anthony L. Watson, who used to be in charge of the drums and is now part of Us & Them, another metal band.

The sound of Atreyu is a fusion between goth, hardcore, and other rock genres with a metallic edge, including dark melodies and emotional shouts. The interesting mix of vocals also plays an important role; Atreyu captures your attention with the sudden changes of speed, fast and furious drums in one moment and melodic tunes the next, all wrapping the contrasting voices of the two singers. Alex is intense, threatening, caustic, and berserk, while Brandon is harmonious and soothing. Atreyu is the perfect recipe to take you to the darkest forest of your psyche.

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