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3 Doors Down: 10 Years of Well Alternative Rock

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The band 3 Doors Down was formed in 1996 and it is an alternative modern rock band of the US. The integrants of the band are: Brad Arnold who is the singer, Matt Roberts and Chris Henderson who are guitarists, Todd Roberts in the bass guitars and finally Greg Upchurch who sits behind the drums. 3 Doors signed to Universal Records in 2000 to launch their first album called “The Better Life”.

Really fast the band attracted attention from the entire world especially with the launch of their first single called “Kryptonite”. This single rapidly reached the first position in several alternative pop and rock radio stations of many countries around the world. After it, the band sold 5 million copies of this record. They also composed one of the main singles of the soundtrack of the movie American Pie 2, which is called “Be Like That”.

By the year 2002, 3 Doors Down launched to the market their second record entitled “Away From the Sun”. The main song of this new record was “When I’m Gone”. In the video of this song the guys of the band feature with the troops of the American army as a tribute to them. This album sold more then 3 million copies.

3 Doors Down launched their third record named “Seventeen Days” by the year 2005 and it reached the position number one of the Billboard Music Chart and it also won the platinum status in less than one month. 3 Doors Down have composed several songs for different personages like Eddie Guerrero who fought in the WWE for many years and also for some events like Wrestle Mania in its presentation number 21.

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