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Keb'Mo': Blues with a Great Message

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Grammy winning songwriter, guitarist and vocalist Keb'Mo' has gone through the musical ambiance with a very significant purpose: to give people a reason to come together instead of dividing the world: Peace and Freedom are Keb’Mo’s favorite words. His most recent album “Peace… Back by Popular Demand” was released in September, 2004 and proved to be a very successful record. In his collection, we can find now 8 musical productions, full of the positive energy and message he includes in every song.

His side as a songwriter has found all the inspiration due to several tragic and historic events that marked the 20th century: assassinations, invasions, military plans, and of course, the peace movement. He wants to make people aware of these serious incidents, and change negative behaviors, because “we have more reasons to come together than we have to split apart”. The purpose of his albums is to inspire the listeners and make them remember that as human beings, we need to take action and start doing positive things for this world.

His last album includes ten singles, from which several are covers, for example, “Imagine” the classic song by John Lennon, “The Time They are A-Changing” by Bob Dylan. The new song by Keb’Mo’ included in this album is called “Talk”. He himself is the producer of all tracks and he recorded all of them in just a month.

Keb’Mo’ is a very talented musician; he plays different musical instruments, such as dobro, acoustic guitar, mandolin and electric guitar. The other players that become an important part of the production of his album are: Jeff Paris, who plays the keyboards and Reggie McBride who interprets the bass. These two talented musicians join Keb’Mo’on his tour around important cities.

With a great message and a humble personality, Keb’Mo’ represents the will of a great deal of people around the world, who wish to live in this planet with no violence and full of peace.

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