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Big Youth Reggae Outstanding Artist

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Manley Augustus Buchanen was born in 1955 to a police officer father and a priest mother, as one of five kids. He left education at the age of fourteen, and began working in his adolescence as a hotel mechanic and taxi driver at the Sheraton and Skyline hotels in Kingston. From playing at work, he slowly labored his way to turn into the best DJ of the Lord Tippertone brand. His first project as singer was the “Gregory Isaacs” and then he created the "Movie Man", but it did not in fact do much, except further projects improved his outline, and by the time Youth labored with creator Keith Hudson, he was at his climax. His "S.90 Skank" vended many copies to certify gold. In the middle, he cut some aggressive stuff with Gussie Clarke which produced in the extraordinary "Screaming TargBig Youthet" single.

In 1973, Big Youth created his own brands, Augustus Buchanen and Negusa Negast, and these rapidly saw some excellent projects, but Manley still found occasions to produce with other editors, such as Joe Gibbs, Winston Riley, Derrick Harriott and Prince Buster. Due to his extraordinary production at this moment, Big Youth (sometimes called Jah Youth) at one phase had five of the top ten songs in Jamaica. Youth mixed a version of "Keep On Moving" of The Wailers band with Lee Perry, in addition to 2 edition's of Bunny Wailer's single "Bide Up". Youth continued through the mid-seventies with other excellent songs, for example "Mosiah Garvey", "Wolf In Sheeps Clothing",  "All Nations Bow", "House Of DreadLocks" and too several more to cite.

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