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Josh Pinkham: A Talented Young Boy

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Regardless of his early age, Josh Pinkham is a prodigious boy playing the drum and then the mandolin. As a musician, he first played the drums for 4 years since he was 8 years old until he was 12 years. However, he also discovered his talent with the mandolin once he started producing a wide variety of tunes such as Bluegrass, Old Time, Classical, Brazilian Choros, Jazz, and Fiddle Tunes. The main advantage of Josh was that he belonged to his family band, wherein he used to play the drums regularly.

By playing the mandolin, he realized that it was his new passion, which he developed the best possible. Indeed, he was regarded the Florida mandolin champion, placed the 3rd at the Merlefest Mandolin Contest, and has performed on stage together with many of his greatest mandolin heroes such as David Grisman, Mike Marshall and Chris Thile. Some other guitarists who played with him are David Grier and Tony Rice as well as fiddle greats Vassar Clements, Nickel Creek, Sara Watkins, and Darol Anger.

Although his passion for music flows through his veins due to his family musical heritage and history, he spent a lot of time studying and practicing the mandolin with all due respect toward the instrument. 

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