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Mac Martin and His Successful Band

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Sometimes, the success of an artistic career depends on how influential and prejudicial the environment is to greatly effect the performance of a certain singer. The case of William D. Colleran, for example, clearly reflects that he had to overcome difficult times because of the World War II; however, he was capable of developing his skill through hard work, a lot of effort and dedication, thus recording a large number of hits for his fans.

Since his teens, he started his career playing with Ed Brozi in a medicine show. The type of music of his preference was bluegrass. He and his band frequently played at WHJB Greensburg, Pennsylvania, and he decided to name himself Mac Martin since three members of the band were called Bill. During the 50s, some recognized his ability to play banjo and have fine vocal work. Then, Mac Martin also performed with a band on WHOD Homestead, Pennsylvania, which was similar to that of Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs.

Mac Martin and his band stayed in a residency at Walsh’s Lounge in Pittsburg where they had the opportunity to play every week for the next 15 years. Although the Travelers recorded two albums, only one was released. When Mac Martin decided to leave the band, the mandolin specialist, Bob Artis, replaced him. Nevertheless, not long ago, he came back to his group. Since his main fascination was writing, he wrote many articles for publications as Muleskinner News and Bluegrass Unlimited. The latter was published in 1975. 

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