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Jamiroquai: Jamming for Almost 15 Years

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Jamiroquai is a British disco/funk/dance/acid jazz band from the United Kingdom. The leader of this popular band is singer Jay (Jason) Kay. The other members of Jamiroquai are: Rob Harris (guitar), Derrick McKenzie (drums), Paul Turner (bass), Sola Akingbola (percussion), Matt Johnson (keyboards), Lorraine McIntosh (backing vocals), Hazel Fernandez (backing vocals) and Sam Smith (backing vocals). The name “Jamiroquai” derives from the combination of the name of a Native American Iroquois tribe that Jay admires because of their philosophy and the word ‘Jam’ (as in musical jamming).

In 1996, this band began their ascension to fame when they released Traveling Without Moving, their third album. Songs like “Cosmic Girl” and “Virtual Insanity” made them famous in the American market. In 1997 at the MTV Video Music Awards, Jamiroquai won the Best Video, Best Cinematography, Breakthrough Video and Best Special Effects Awards for the song “Virtual Insanity”. 

The discography of Jamiroquai includes: Emergency on Planet Earth, The Return of the Space Cowboy, Traveling Without Moving, Synkronized, A Funk Odyssey, Live in Verona, Late Night Tales: Jamiroquai and Dynamite. Some songs of Jamiroquai are: “When You Gonna Learn”, “Too Young to Die”, “Blow Your Mind”, “Space Cowboy”, “Half the Man”, “Stillness in Time”, “Virtual Insanity”, “Cosmic Girl”, “Alright”, “High Times”, “Deeper Underground”, “Canned Heat”, “Supersonic”, “King for a Day”, “I’m in the Mood for Love”, “Little L”, “You Give Me Something”, “Love Foolosophy”, “Corner of the Earth”, “Main Vein”, “Feels Just Like It Should”, “Seven Days in Sunny June” and “(Don’t) Give Hate a Chance”.

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