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Etienne Mehul a Talented Instrumental Symphony Compositor

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Etienne Mehul was born in Ardennes at Givet. Because his dad was too broke to provide him a standard musical teaching, his first training came from a broke blind pianist of Givet; upuntil now such was his ability so as to, when 10 years old, he was chosen pianist of the Récollets’ convent. In 1775 a German organist and musician, Wilhelm Hauser, was occupied for the Lavaldieu’s monastery, a place near Givet, and Méhul became his irregular student. In 1778 he traveled to Paris by an armed officer, and located himself with Edelmann, a harpsichord performed. His first efforts at instrumental symphony in 1781 did not do well, and as a result he turned his concentration to dramatic and sacred melodies. Christoph Willibald Gluck gave him guidance in his projects.

After a variety of dissatisfactions throughout his attempts for 6 years to acquire, a creation of his “Cora et Alonzo”, at the Grand Opéra, he provided to the Opéra Comique his “Euphrosine et Coradin”, which, being received and played in 1790, without delay reestablished his repute. His Stratonice, opera, was also expected with interest in 1792. After numerous less flourishing creations, his “Adrien” was launched, and his renown was additional amplified by his 3 best projects, Joseph, the finest of the series, Uthal and La jeunesse d'Henri IV. Uthal was composed for an orchestra with no violins.

Méhul's health gave pass to a sickness on the chest, and he departed this life in Paris in 1817.

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