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Antonio Rosetti was a Premium Compositor

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Antonio Rosetti born as Anton Rössler, then he altered to Italianate form by 1773. He was a traditional era musician and double bass performer, and was a modern of Mozart and Haydn. He was born approximately in 1750 in Litomerice, a city in Northern Bohemia, and was in the beginning named Franz Anton Rösler. He is supposed to have traditional begining musical instruction from the Jesuits. In 1773 Antonio left this resident nation and united the “Hofkapelle of Prince von Öttingen Wallerstein”, whom he assisted for 16 years, before being a Kapellmeister to the Duke of Mecklenburg Schwerin in 1789. In 1777, he wedded Rosina Neher, with whom he had 3 daughters. In 1781 he was approved to depart to stay 5 months in Paris. Many of the premium companies in the town played his projects. Antonio approved for his music to be in print, featuring a set of six melodies launched in 1782. He came back to his place, confident of credit as a talented composer. He died on June 30, 1792, just six months subsequent to Mozart.

Antonio Rosetti composed a vast business of music, feature many melodies, vocal and concertos music. He is possibly best recognized nowadays for his horn concertos that Mozart scholar H. C. Robbins Landon proposes, in The Mozart Companion, may have been a mold for Mozart's Four Horn Concerti. Antonio is also identified for composing the Requiem in 1776 that was performed at a monument for Mozart in 1791. There is complexity in giving some melodies to Antonio, since there was a duo of other writers with comparable names at the same era, featuring Franciscus Xaverius Antonius Rössler.

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