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Donnie McClurkin: The Power of Gospel!

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Donnie McClurkin’s childhood was not easy. He was surrounded by alcoholism, abuse and violence. However, he did not allow those problems to overcome his strength. He looked for help in the best place: God’s love. That was definitely what saved him from having a fateful destiny. Music was another way to escape from the sad environment he was involved in. In 1979, he founded a band with his siblings and some friends. The band was called the McClurkin Singers. With the support and inspiration of his mentor and gospel legend Andrae Crouch, he decided to continue his ministry through music.

In 1989, he was part of the establishment of the New York Restoration Choir. The single “Speak to my Heart” included in the album I Feel Well gave them a place within the gospel industry. Seven years later, Donnie McClurkin would release his debut album Donnie McClurkin with the label Warner-Alliance Records. This album would also be important for his career since thanks to it and to the single “Stand” and the re-released of “Speak to My Heart”, he received two stellar awards and was also nominated to Dove and Grammy Awards. Donnie McClurkin was definitely on his way to succeed.

The next release would be a live album recorded in England. Live in London (2001) was released with great success, and almost immediately after its release, it became a best seller going gold and, later, platinum. With this album, he had the opportunity to reach audiences in England and the Carribean. Although he had dedicated much of his time to music, he continued with his idea to become pastor. He finally was ordained Senor Pastor at Perfecting Faith. His album, Psalms, Hymns, & Spiritual Songs, is the perfect example of how a person can, through gospel entertain, teach and heal.

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