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Steve Halpern

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Steve Halpern is the unique new age musician, in the most precise sense of the expression. In 1975 he produced Spectrum Suite, his first record of songs specially planned for healing and relaxation. Previous to that, Steve had been absorbed in the New York City jazz division as a guitarist and trumpeter. His abhorrence at the unfavorable things of life in the fast path were emphasized by a travel to California, where he concluded his idea of "anti-frantic alternative" melodies. Centered in part on his metaphysical ideas and partially on some solid technical investigattion into the consequences of melodies on the human body, he got to the deduction that the Western basis of release and tension in melody could not by nature give spectators with release from tension. His resolution was to produce melody that "didn't go anywhere" in the usual sense but in its place absorbed the listener in a positive feeling favorable to transcendental and recuperative experiences.

Steve produced music that was focused mainly on cascades of main-key arpeggios unprepared at the electric piano, and he includes charitable assistances of reverb to produce a worldly, spacey feeling. He took some quantity of motivation from oriental traditional melodies and focused on the healing, magical, and ceremonial features of melodies used by ancient civilizations.

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