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Catie Curtis: What’s the Matter?

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Catie Curtis is an American songwriter and folk music singer. She was born in the little town of Saco in the state of Maine in the year 1970. At the beginning of her career she was a drummer but later she discovered that what she really liked was the acoustic guitar. In her home she played her first performances. Years later she declared herself lesbian and after that she found that her local community was awkward for her and that is why she left that place. Some years later Catie wrote a song that is focused in that controversial problem. The title of the song is “What’s the Matter?”.

When she decided to leave her town, she started in the Brown University of Providence in the state of Rhode Island. While she attended the school, she also played in local coffeehouses and also worked as a waitress in a local restaurant. During the early 90’s she moved to the city of Boston, MA to start her musical career.

Catie has realized numerous tours in the US and Canada to support her records. She has participated in festivals like the Newport Folk Festival and has also helped other musicians like Dar Williams, Girlyman and Bonnie Raitt and Mary Chapin Carpenter and has also played in the tour of Lilith Fair.

Catie has also composed some singles for TV shows like Dawson’s Creek, Alias and Felicity and Chicago Hope. In 1997, Curtis won in the category of Best Album Award from the Gay and Lesbian American Music Awards for her album “Catie Curtis” released the same year.

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