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Natalie Grant: Awaken to Reality!

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Natalie Grant has been close to music since she was just 17 years old at her Church in Seattle. At that time she only arranged music for the choir, music that she considered important for young people. Before she began a solo career, she was a member of the group Truth. She spent two years performing and touring with Truth until 1997 when she finally signed with Benson Records to release her album Natalie Grant in 1999.

In spite of the lack of success with this album, she continued performing in festivals, conventions and other activities in order to continue with her musical ministry. She even collaborated in the album of other artists such as Max Lucado. In 2000, she participated in the Republican National Convention, and a year later, released his album Stronger. Today, she has a new proposal, a little bit different form the previous ones. This time she is emphasizing in one issue important as well as neglected: human trafficking.

Awaken is the name of her last release and it reflects what happened to Natalie one night while she was watching an episode of “Law & Order”. She found out that something terrible was taking place but nobody seemed to care about it. Young girls and boys were traded to become sexual slaves. That was what Natalie Grant needed to wake up from the conformism that comes with self-complacency.

With the production of her husband and the support of some songwriters such as Matthew West, Trina Harmon and Stephanie Lewis, Natalie Grant recorded an honest and personal album that encompasses touching songs such as “Held”, “The Real Me”, “Home”, “Bring It All Together”, among others. It is time for us to wake up, as Natalie did it before, and get involved to help those who are a victim of this terrible harm that human trafficking is.

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