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The Mamas & the Papas: The Parents of the 60s' Music

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The Mamas & the Papas, whose real name is The Mama’s and the Papa’s, was one of the most important vocal groups in the decade of the 60’s.  This group is considered to be one of the best American examples of these years since they were able to survive to the British Invasion, meaning a group of British bands and vocal groups that became extremely famous, mainly, in the United States and Canada.

The members making up the group are Denny Doherty, John Phillips, Cass Elliot and Michelle Phillips.  The name “The Mama’s and the Papa’s” comes from the name of a television talk show; however, before recording the first released album titled If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears, they were called “The Magic Circle”.  Also, these four openly accepted that doing drugs was part of their daily activities and that these drugs included not only marijuana, but also other types of common drugs during that decade.

It is believed that the notion of the break-up was based on but not limited to some personal reasons.  John Phillips and Michelle were married much before The Mamas & The Papas were created.  However, Michelle and Denny Doherty had an affair in 1965.  In fact, John Phillips, Michelle’s husband, once found them in the act, so he decided to move out.  Besides this, Michelle did some other things that made her be kicked out of the group in 1966.

Among The Mamas & The Papas discography, it is possible to find most of their albums released on the decade of the 60’s.  These are If you Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears (1966), The Mamas & the Papas (1966), Deliver (1967), The Papas & the Mamas (1968) and People Like Us (1971).  Thus, no matter how this group ended, they will always be the parents of the 60’s’ great music!

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